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AMS Products for Print Gluing and Mounting
Contact AMS Customer Service for Special Pricing on Larger Quantities.
Glue Roller Machines
AMS Tabletop Glue Machines will revolutionize the way you mount posters, lithographs, photos, labels, and more! For a majority of applications, this system replaces dry mounting systems, spray adhesives, rubber cements, and coated films. This system is 80% less expensive to use than dry mount because it costs less than 5 per square foot. The glue machine requires no warm up time and takes only seconds to apply a clear, micro-thin coating -- 12 inches are covered in 4 seconds. Within 2 minutes after burnishing, artwork can be repositioned. Within 15 minutes, glue will dry into a strong permanent bond that will not crack, peel, or yellow.

AMS adhesive is non-toxic and does not emit fumes or odors, hence it provides a safe work environment. The adhesive is also acid-free, water-soluble, and will not damage your artwork. This special adhesive requires that at least one mounting surface be porous. For example, photos can be mounted to foamboard or matboard, but not to plastic sheets.

This system does not use heat to apply adhesive. Simply feed your pictures into the turning rollers of our tabletop model allowing a micro-thin layer of adhesive to be applied for easy mounting. Since the paper moves through the rollers quickly, there is no danger that the special adhesive will soak through even the thinnest paper.

After positioning on surface, rub smaller pictures down with paper towels or cloths using circular rubbing motions. For larger pictures use a pressure roller or vacuum press to push out air bubbles. Minimal maintenance is required -- just clean glue tray approximately every two weeks. Glue spills can be wiped up simply with water.

AMS M3600X Glue Machine

AMS KOOL Pressure Roller
24.5 inch (61.25 cm) Glue Machine with Plastic Casing - 110 volt M2400 Call for quote  
36.5 inches (91.25 cm) Glue Machine - 110 volt M3600X  
Potdevin NTZ Gluer and Rotary Press
The leader in adhesive coating machines is the Potdevin NTZ for precise coating on materials up to 12.5 mm (1/2") thick. This gluing machine should be used along with the Potdevin Rotary Press for high-speed combining of glued materials. For manufacturers requiring the efficient bonding of glued materials, this heavy-duty system will help to complete jobs quickly and neatly.

First, the Potdevin NTZ Gluer applies water soluble adhesives and coatings to one side of paper, leather, hardboard, plastic, foam, wood, rubber and fabric. Its small diameter coating roller applies uniform coating to both uneven and smooth surfaces. Feed rollers adjust to flexible or rigid materials. Large side scrapers keep adhesive out of bearings. Regulator dial controls film thickness of adhesive: just set dial for required coating thickness. The removable stainless steel adhesive tank offers easy clean-up. Up to 24.5 m (81 FT) of material can be run through this gluing machine per minute.

Next, the Potdevin Rotary Press completes the bond of glued materials. Flexible or rigid materials up to 12.5 mm (1/2 inch) receive uniform pressure, removing trapped air and assuring a flat lamination. Pressure is manually adjustable to accommodate materials of varying thicknesses. Up to 32 m (105 FT) of material can be run through this press per minute.

With this system, there are many options for material bonding:
.Paper to wood
.Cork to fiber
.Cloth to leather
.Metal to wood
.Foam to board
.Paper to chipboard
.Chipboard to chipboard
.And much more.

Machines for materials thickness up to 32 mm (1-1/4 inches) are available on special order. Machine widths from 610 mm (24 inches) through 1778 mm (70 inches) are also available. Please as AMS Customer Service for more information.
NTZ42 Potdevin 1067 mm (42 inches) Gluing Machine   Call for quote  
NTZ42TABLE Portable Floor Stand for 1067 mm (42 inches) Gluing Machine    
NPRESS42 Potdevin 1067 mm (42 inches) Rotary Press    
NSTAND42 Portable Floor Stand for 1067 mm (42 inches) Rotary Press    

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