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$150.00 minimum order requirement for domestic shipments.
For orders less than $150.00 but greater than $100.00 there will be a $35.00 handling fee.
$300.00 minimum order for exports.
AMS Hangers to Attach to Backing Boards
Contact AMS Customer Service for Special Pricing on Larger Quantities.
Hinged Sawtooth Hangers for Mylar Frames and Backing Boards with Slots
The AMS MH-1 Hanger has hinges that allow the sawtooth section to be easily bent for hanging on wall hook. These hangers have stabilizing legs to be used in one of two different fashions:
  1. Slide legs between backing board and Mylar frame. (For best performance, the frame section engaging the MH-1 hanger should be affixed to the backing board.)

  2. Or, extend sawtooth portion out from a slot cut into backing board while leaving the legs inside between frameload and backing board.
Bulk boxes of 6000: MH1-6MK $ 27.50 / M  
Bulk drums of 33000: MH1-YTF $ 23.00 / M  
AMS MH-3 Mylar Hangers have NO stabilizing legs and can only be used by passing sawtooth section through a slot in backing board. Slotted hinge allows hanger to be easily bent to receive wall hook.
Bulk boxes of 5000: MH-3-5M $ 18.00 / M  
Prong Hangers for Light Frames
AMS Prong Hangers for light frames to be hung on wall hooks.
Zinc Plated -- Bulk boxes of 10000: PP-2 Call for quote.  
Kwik Hangers for Foam Boards and Corrugated Backing
These Kwik Hangers can be installed on foam boards or corrugated backings of various thicknesses. Do not press down on the center anchor on boards less than 3/16” (4.8mm) thick to prevent damage to artwork. Plated zinc clear.
Bulk boxes of 5000: KH1-5MK $ 35.00 / M  
Bulk boxes of 1000: KH1-1MK $ 44.50 / M  
Bags of 100 hangers with directions printed on bag: KH1-1H $ 10.00 / bag  
Clear Sawtooth Adhesive Hangers -- Made in the USA
AMS Clear PVC Sawtooth Adhesive Hangers are lightweight with pressure-sensitive adhesive used for hanging foamboard mounted artwork. Hole is pre-stripped for no extra waste. The super-sticky adhesive can support a maximum weight of 2 lb. (0.9 kg). Surface in contact with adhesive must be clean. Dims: 2.6” x 1.9” (55 x 48mm).
Bags of 100: PTA3-1H $ 26.50 / bag  
Bulk boxes of 6000: PTA3-6MK $ 134.00 / M  

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